How Frogs Survive the Deep Freeze With Their Own Urine Perplexes Scientists

Winter can be a dangerous time for animals and humans alike. It takes a great deal of preparation and care for an animal to be ready to survive the deep freeze. Some gain immense amounts of weight and hibernate, some migrate to warmer climates, and some simply become much less active through the season. However, there are some animals that have unique and unexpected ways of staving off the winter’s chill, like wood frogs!

When winter comes, these remarkable wood frogs don’t look for shelter. Wood frogs produce antifreeze from their urine that keeps them alive in temperatures as cold as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. AccuWeather reports that these frogs stay alive even after an amazing two-thirds of their bodies freeze. The wood frog can remain in cryoprotection for up to eight months and fully thaw for the breeding season in late April and May.

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