This Video of Three Baby Bears is Precious. Warning: Keep Tissues Handy!

This inspiring video of animal rescue shows the new life that three little bear cubs got after they were orphaned at Yosemite National Park. Their mother was, sadly, killed on the Fourth of July after she was hit by a car, but that was not the end of the story for her cubs.

Her three young bears, each weighing in at between 8 and 10 pounds, were rescued and taken to South Lake Tahoe Animal Sanctuary. At the sanctuary, their interactions with humans will be kept to a minimum (the cubs won’t even get names), so that the three bears can more easily re-enter the natural, wild environment that they’re used to.

After you’re done watching the bears’ heartwarming saga, you can check out another video story about orphaned bear cubs who are being cared for at a facility in Moscow.

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