The Other-Worldly Bird From Africa That Eats Frogs and Sounds Like a Chicken

With its bright yellow head and unique hopping movement, the white-necked picathartes looks like a bird from another world or age. It evolved from Australian relatives about 44 million years ago, and can now be found only in the forests of western Africa. It was thought to have gone extinct in the 1960s before being rediscovered in 2006. Highly valued by bird watchers, it is still classified as vulnerable due to destruction of habitat. Also called rockfowl due to its affinity to nest in rocky terrain, the picathartes lays its eggs in nests that it builds out of mud. It feeds on insects found on the forest floor, such as ants, and larger invertebrates, such as frogs, as seen in this video.

Watch the video below and learn about the fascinating behavior of the unique white-necked picathartes! You’ll never see anything quite like this creature — Guaranteed!

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