A Rare Sea Giant Grants An Audience To Its Fans

A white humpback whale made a splash in Australia when it was spotted north of the country’s Gold Coast and captured in the following footage. The extremely rare creature has been spotted multiple times since 2011, and he always causes a stir!

He has been named ‘Son of Migaloo’, after his father who was also an albino. The name ‘Migaloo’ is an aboriginal word meaning ‘white fella.’

Video footage of the sighting shows the majestic creature swimming as admiring onlookers watch from ships, and we know you’ll be in awe, too! Take a look at this rare and beautiful creature!

Humpbacks of all types are whale watching favorites for their majestic leaps, acrobatics, and unique tail patterns. However, ship strikes, ocean noise, pollution, and fishing nets have contributed to reduced populations and made them an endangered species. You can chip in to help save humpback whales like Migaloo by contributing to efforts aimed at preserving the species.

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