This Rare White Gyrfalcon Tries to Stare Down a Camera and Wins Everything

Most people will never get to look a gyrfalcon in the eye, but one of these majestic birds of prey has given you this opportunity by staring into a camera eye.

According to CBC, the rare white gyrfalcon in the video has been visiting the camera tower in Manitoba, probably for the dizzying view.

No wonder the falcon seems to be gawking at what he’s seeing!

The Cornel Lab of Ornithology describes gyrfalcons as the the biggest species of falcon in the world, and that’s no surprise when its wingspan ranges up to nearly 50 inches.

It’s hard to tell how large this particular one is as it looms over the icy tundra, but it’s so close to the camera you can see the snowy “lashes” around its eyes.

Be prepared and brace yourself, because the gyrfalcon’s beauty will leave you captivated in the video below!

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