Good Intentions Need No Words To Be Expressed, As Learnt By This Diver

A diver saw a whale shark ensnared in a commercial fishing rope that was slowly slicing into its fins. Seeing the giant’s suffering, the diver decided to free it from the rope before it lost the fin. The whale somehow read his benign intentions and stayed completely still for the 30 seconds it took to cut through the rope.

According to the The Humane Society of the United States, discarded fishing lines and nets kill more than 40,000 sea turtles, 300,000 seabirds, thousands of marine animals (including porpoises and whales) each year.

Termed as bycatch, the unintentional killing of whales, sharks, and other untargeted species by fishing nets and gear can be reduced by changing some current fishing practices. Check out this campaign that’s striving to protect one of the most endangered sea turtle populations on the planet by attaching light-emitting diodes to fishing nets.

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