Watch As Killer Whales Tag-Team With Humpbacks To Hunt Down Herring

Animals in the wild usually compete for limited resources, but orcas in Norway regularly share their catch with humpback whales. Orca populations develop their own hunting techniques and select certain types of prey. In this case, a pod of Norwegian orcas hunt a school of small fish, the main food source for orcas and humpback whales.

The orcas and the humpback whales realize working together will maximize their hunting efforts. Using an intricate carousel feeding method, orcas herd huge schools of herring. The whales work together as some members of the pod keep the fish corralled while others take turns eating. In this astounding video narrated by biologist Tiu Similä, you can watch as a pod of Norwegian orcas cooperate with humpback whales in the same feeding technique to ensure that there’s plenty for everyone in the ocean to feed on.

But what might become of the humpback without the help of the beautiful orca? We hope we never have to find out. Help support keeping orcas in the wild where they belong by joining the boycott against Sea World.

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