Watch This Volcano Make The Most Incredible Design With It’s Lava

Who knew that the environment can smile as it displays almost unbelievable feats of strength? Watch as a volcano in Hawaii makes a smiley face as it erupts molten lava that slowly flows toward the Pacific Ocean. A helicopter tour captured the footage as it soared over the Kilauea crater in Hawaii, which is one of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii, erupting constantly since 1983.

As cute as this image is, it also poses a threat to curious tourists. There are several dangerous situations that can occur when lava hits the ocean. The water can become boiling hot, to say nothing of the land, which can collapse as the volcano continues to erupt violently.

Powerful, beautiful, and deadly: volcanoes are all three at once. There’s always more to learn about just how impressive volcanoes are, and you can start by clicking here.

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