What You Can Do to Help Protect Sea Turtles

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Every year, sea turtles head to the beach for nesting season at just about the same time that tourists head down for a little sun and surf. Unfortunately, this may result in harm to sea turtles, whose nests are delicate and vulnerable. If you enjoy visiting the ocean where sea turtles have set up nesting grounds, there are a few things you can do to help protect these fascinating marine mammals.

Pick Up Your Trash


Pick up other people’s trash as well to keep the beach clean and safe for young sea turtles. You can even participate in beach clean-up days!

Turn Out Lights at Night


Visible lights at night can cause hatching sea turtles to head the wrong way, going inland instead of out to sea where they belong.

Avoid Building Campfires


Don’t build campfires on the beach during hatching season, since they also tend to attract the hatchlings and lead them away from the water.

Don’t Use Flashlights at Night


Enjoy walking through the surf by the light of the moon and stars, and turn your flashlights off. Flashlights on the beach can keep sea turtles out to sea when they need to come on shore to nest and lay eggs.

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