Are Taylor Swift’s Legs More Important Than Climate Change?

Celebrity news is one of the most popular topics around, and it often outranks many other serious news issues that deserve discussion. For example, thousands of people take time out of their days to read about Taylor Swift’s legs, but the amount of people who carve out time in their days to read about important environmental issues, such as melting ice caps, is much lower. Many activists and enthusiasts try to gather support by attempting to inspire guilt in people for reading gossip, instead of focusing on threatening issues. However, this approach doesn’t work and it often causes people to ignore the message.

There are many reasons why people don’t pay attention to environmental issues, including underestimating the potential dangers and the fact that many people find the topic boring. There are many people who are trying to change this perception and make serious global news interesting by adding entertaining elements to the stories. Recently, scientists discovered why the Antarctic ocean has remained cold, even though its glaciers are melting at a rapid pace. This is a truly entertaining story when you understand how scientists solved the mystery, and you can share this story with people that you know to potentially get them interested in global issues.

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