This Man Risked His Own Life To Save A Sea Creature In Desperate Need Of Help

When Amir Rahim from World Wildlife Federation Pakistan saw a vulnerable sea turtle in distress, he leapt into action without a second thought. The olive ridley sea turtle was floating in the water tangled in debris. A polypropylene mesh bag was wrapped around its torso and legs, rendering it unable to swim freely. Rahim secured the turtle and swam back to his boat with it, where he used tools kept on board to cut the mesh bag away and carefully free the turtle’s limbs and body.

Olive ridley sea turtles are classified as vulnerable in the wild, in part due to dangerous debris such as the mesh bag that rendered this turtle helpless, as well as other threats, including bycatch, in which turtles are caught in fishers’ nets and left to perish. Help protect sea turtles from bycatch, littering and other threats by funding a sea ranger’s salary for a week.

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