10+ Incredibly Strange Ways That Animals Communicate — Did You Even Know They Could Do These?

9. Fireflies Use Morse To Mate

Dating in the human world can be so complicated, and in the insect world, fireflies don’t have much time to fiddle around with such complications. When a male firefly is ready to mate, he will emit a glow to woo a potential female partner. When the female sees one she likes, a courtship will ensue and consist of a Morse-code-like series of flashes back and forth. How simple and quaint!

Photo: Flickr/xenmate

8. Octopuses Change Color

Surviving in the ocean for an octopus requires some special techniques and abilities. These soft-bodied, boneless mollusks can change the color and texture of their skin to camouflage themselves and hide from predators. They can also use their color-changing abilities to communicate during a confrontation with another octopus. Becoming a darker color signifies aggressive behavior, while a paler color can signify an octopus will retreat from the confrontation.

Photo: Flickr/Jenny

7. Geckos Order “Takeout”

The gecko has developed quite an interesting way to communicate with small insects called treehoppers. The tiny insects will drill into trees to drink the sap, which they digest, and then excrete as a sweet substance referred to as “honeydew.” Apparently, geckos love to eat honeydew. They go so far as to “order takeout” from treehoppers, with the gecko strolling up and simply nodding when he’s hungry. The treehopper will then shake around before sending a tiny sugary poo pellet into the gecko’s mouth. Yum.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Brocken Inaglory

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