Watch Rare Footage of This Spider’s Weird Home-Building Behavior

David Attenborough is at it again, this time in the deep of night on Madagascar, a reclusive spider tries to turn a discarded snail shell into a shady home to hide from the midday heat. This video shows what could be the first time the spider’s mighty feat of suspending the shell in the air was filmed in the wild, notes BBC News. The shells weigh up to 20 times as much as the spiders, making their home-raising abilities truly amazing.

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This little guy is known as Olios coenobitus, though not uncommon in this species of spiders, their ability to construct a complex silk-web system to hoist shells is astonishing! The way these spiders calculate and execute the task at hand acts as proof of their intelligence!

watch as this Madagascan spider hoist its new home far above the ground!

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