This Tiny Spider’s Mysterious Superpower Has Scientists Stumped

These little monsters are as small as a pencil tip but can do one special thing faster than any spider in the world. Trap-jaw spiders, scientifically known as mecysmaucheniidae spiders, are native to the forests of New Zealand and southern South America.

The trap-jaw spider hunts its prey by approaching it with jaws agape; at the opportune moment, the spider snaps its jaws closed with lightning speed and devastating power.

Now how did this spider develop such a superpower? Through something called convergent evolution.

Convergent evolution is the process where an organism evolves traits that either mimic or share characteristics with a non-related organism as a result of having to adapt to similar environments or ecological niches. In this case, the non-related organism is the trap jaw ant.

This video is in super-slow motion, but at regular speed, the jaws close approximately 150 times as quickly!

Now how did Spider Man miss out on this superpower?

Check out the incredible video below and witness this crazy spider first hand!

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