See What a Jellyfish Sting Looks Like in Slow Motion

Many of us can’t imagine what it would feel like to get stung by a jellyfish — and don’t want to, given that the most poisonous jellies are capable of delivering an itchy rash or worse with a single swipe of their tentacles.

Now, though, you can see what a jellyfish sting would be like in very slow motion! Watch as tiny protrusions jump from an anemone to sting its prey.

Ordinarily, these stingers are microscopic, but here they’ve been magnified to several times their size.

Jellyfish stings may become more common as the species begins to overtake the oceans. Learn more about what’s causing the jellyfish population boom and why this spells bad news for the environment.

Just watching this sting action in slow motion could make anyone quiver!

Take a look at what a jellyfish sting actually looks like in the video below because it’s absolutely fascinating!

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