See Those Little Black Dots In the Atlantic Ocean? Those Are A-List Predators Migrating

Anyone who’s ever flown before likely knows the experience of looking out from an airplane window on the people and places below. With everyone and everything so far down, you can generally only guess at what’s actually going on.

This video is taking that experience a step further by providing a bird’s-eye view of an animal we typically try to keep a good distance from — sharks.

There’s no need to try and guess at what’s going on either. Science professor Dr. Stephen Kajiura captured the aerial footage of blacktip sharks as they migrate along the Atlantic Coast.

But take note of how close the sharks come to the shoreline, because it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you’re planning a family visit to the beaches of Florida.

Watch the video below and see the massive blacktip shark migration! Sharks aren’t the only animals that migrate long distances. Watch these monarch butterflies migrate.

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