Free Diver Is Approached By A Dangerous Predator But The Result Is Amazing

He entranced this predator to save its life. While free diving off the Florida coast, Michael Dornellas noticed a dusky shark with a hook stuck through its mouth. A marine conservationist, Dornellas knew the harm stainless steel could potentially rip open the shark’s jaws or even kill it. Working without an air supply, he calmed the shark using only his hands. The shark went into a state of tonic immobility or natural paralysis. It rolled it over, and Dornellas freed the hook.

Dornellas has worked around sharks countless amounts of times, and he knows exactly how dangerous a simple fishing hook can be for these animals. So when this particular fish approached him, he know exactly what he needed to do in order to help.

Not only did he know how to handle this incredibly dangerous situation, but he did the entire thing while holding his breath.

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