Little Owls Interact Hilariously with a GoPro Camera Near Their Nest

Animals in the wild can sometimes be extremely curious when they find an object that they have never seen before; especially when they are young. But being able to film these interactions give some valuable insight into the early lives of many creatures.

Sebastien Barrio caught some really amusing footage of three little owls staring and poking at the GoPro camera he had placed by their nest. The young owlets show clear signs of interest and excitement, such as bobbing their heads and trying to chirp at each other.

You may also notice their chirps are more on the silent side — but this is because their voices have yet to fully develop!

They are called little owls (Athene Noctua) and can be found in woodlands, farmlands, and deserts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. They most often nest in tree holes, cliffs, quarries, and occasionally in buildings. Little owls tend to be curious and territorial — as you can see in the video.

Take a look at these curious cuties when they discover an unfamiliar device in the video below!

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