A Day in the Life of the Playful Pygmy Elephant

Who says little things aren’t important? In this video, meet the endangered Borneo pygmy elephant, the smallest of all known elephants. An average of 3 feet shorter than other Asian elephants, pygmy elephants can live to approximately 60 years of age, but throughout their lifetimes, they retain their adorable round baby faces and big ears. The pygmy is only found in parts of Africa and Asia. However, the highest concentration of pygmy elephants inhabit the island of Borneo, and according to the World Wildlife Fund there are only about 1,500 to 1,600 of these elephants left in existence. As primary fertilizers and dispensers of seeds, pygmies are essential to preserving their shrinking rain forest habitat.

Pygmy elephants are in danger! Help make the pygmy elephant’s job easier by signing this petition to stop the harmful production of palm oil in Indonesia, stripping these elephants and other animals of their homes.

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