Check Out this Crazy Carnivorous Plant!

In the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra there is something that terrifies insects throughout the verdant acres, something that looks and sounds like something straight out of a horror film. During their trips between leaves to gather food and help pollinate the jungle, insects have to be wary of every step. That’s because of the white-collared pitcher plant. The plant feeds on thousands of insects, and is indiscriminate when it comes to feeding . This beautiful but deadly plant is just one out of a wide variety of pitcher plant species that lure animal life with their sweet nectar. According to BBC, pitcher plants lie in wait in trees and on the forest floor, ready to trap and feed on any creatures that may venture near them; once inside, insects cannot escape the plant’s deadly, digestive enzymes.

Watch this video to see the amazing white-collared pitcher in action!

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