This Is Probably the Last Thing We Would Expect to See From Space!

What’s black and white and spread all over Antarctica? Guano — or as it’s more commonly known outside the scientific community, penguin poop — is so highly concentrated in Antarctica it can actually be seen from space. If you think that’s shocking, just wait, because things only get stranger from there. Scientists are actually using satellite images of this poop to track penguin populations, and the information from these images helps researchers to study their breeding patterns, uncover reasons for habitat loss and even tell colonies apart based on unique guano signatures. Don’t believe us? Check out this video from National Geographic to learn just how our feathered friends’ feces are helping researchers track climate change and conservation efforts.

Believe it or not, penguin poop isn’t the only biosolid researchers have been digging into. Take a look at where we may one day be mining for precious metals.

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