What an Incredible Rescue! These Firefighters Are Heroes

Firefighters don’t just put out fires, they also rescue animals — and when they do, it’s just incredible. This heartwarming video shows what happened when an unfortunate owl got trapped in a barbed wire fence in China Grove, Texas.

Sadly, one of its wings was pierced by the barbs, preventing it from being able to escape. But thankfully, a group of firefighters were there to help untangle the bird of prey, and it’s now recovering from its injuries at a local shelter.

UPDATE: The male owl was able to make a full recovery and was released back into the wild. Thank goodness for those wonderful firefighters and the employees at the animal shelter for saving this beautiful creature!

Watch the incredible rescue of this tangled owl in the video below and his spectacular release back into the wild. You won’t want to miss it!

Owls are certainly adorable creatures, and while they’re fun to look at they are best left in the wild. Now you can bring home some owl cuteness with this hanging light, featuring three owls that illuminate the night with the power of LED lights.

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