An Otterly Adorable Reunion Between a Mother and Her Lost Pup

When rescuers from California’s Marine Mammal Center found this two-day-old sea otter pup all alone in Morro Bay Harbor, the search was on to reunite the newborn baby with its mother.

While unsure how the two became separated, the center teamed up with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to scour the area for the missing mama.

The team searched the harbor, holding up the baby as they passed adult female sea otters, hoping one would come forward and claim the little one. Sure enough, about a kilometer away, one otter finally approached the boat.

Biologist Mike Harris tossed her the pup–don’t worry, baby otters float–and the two were overjoyed to be together once again.

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But since you came here for some otter love, check out the video below of the otterly adorable reunion!

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