Slovenian “Mama Dragon” Says Hello to New Babies for the First Time in Years

There is no doubt who the true “Mother of Dragons” is. This cave-dweller may be mostly colorless and completely blind, but that hasn’t stopped her from bravely laying her precious eggs in Slovenia’s Postojna cave system, a popular tourist site that sees daily visitors.

The olm salamander is an amphibian with a lifespan of 100 years, yet breeds as rarely as once a decade. However, this is the first time the olm has been studied so closely, and very little is known about its reproductive cycle… but just four months after laying her eggs, Mama Dragon’s eggs have already started to hatch!

Photo Credit: Postojnska Cave via Slovenian Press Agency
Photo Credit: Postojnska Cave via Slovenian Press Agency

The first baby hatched on May 30, 2016, with its second sibling emerging not long after. Here are the eggs doing a little “dance” in preparation for their next stage of life.

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