Drone Footage May Be First to Show a Nursing Blue Whale Calf

Though blue whales have captivated animal lovers for decades, there are still many mysteries about them that science has not uncovered. In this incredible first-ever video of a nursing calf, scientists get the chance to learn more about how blue whales nurse their young. The footage came from an aerial drone over the South Taranaki Bight region of New Zealand.

Pygmy blue whales can be found in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Pygmy blue whales are noticeably smaller than the more commonly known blue whale. The pygmy blue whale can grow up to 79 feet long — whereas the blue whale can grow up to a whopping 92 feet long! Baby pygmy blue whales will nurse for 5-7 months — they will consume about 50 gallons of milk each day. By the time they are done nursing, they will weigh 38,000 pounds! Now that is one BIG baby.

Watch this whale calf nurse in the video below!

After watching the video, learn more about blue whales and their habitats.

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