Octopus Captivates Film Crew With Puppy-Dog Eyes

A beautiful, doe-eyed deep-sea octopus, the Graneledone boreopacifica was captured on film strutting its way across the sea floor by the scientific crew of Nautilus, the oceanic expedition launched to research the biology, geology, and archaeology of the ocean floor. The gradient pink of the octopus’ body contrasts with the barren ocean floor to create an astounding and surreal image of life in the deep sea. The video of this octopus is a rare treat for the public.

Nautilus is a live-streamed expedition on board one of only two exploration and research vessels in the world. At any one time, the Nautilus can support 31 research team members, consisting of marine biologists and other science professionals, and 17 crew members, such as the pilot and navigators. This team of scientists and support personnel scour the unexplored parts of the deep sea in the hopes to better understand marine life.

Nautilus uses remotely operated vehicles to explore the deep sea. The footage from the ROV expeditions is live-streamed to the Nautilus website and can be viewed by the public. The Nautilus team also answers public-submitted questions while they man the ROV controls.

The Nautilus expedition observes all sorts of fascinating creatures.

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