Now This Is How a Mama Bear Should Act!

As most people can attest, mothers of all species are protective of their young. As one of the land mammals with the slowest reproductive rates, female grizzly bears produce an average of two to three cubs per litter, mating only at four or five years old. It is no surprise that mother bears are one of the fiercest protectors, as can been seen in this video.

In Yellowstone, a mother bear braves a wolf pack to feed her three cubs. Her tough demeanor wins them a place at the scavenged meal. However, trouble comes in form of a lone male bear. Female grizzlies generally rear their cubs away from the males, who sometimes kill cubs. This male is looking for an easy meal, but threatens the wrong opponent. With surprising speed, this mother grizzly throws her considerable weight and claws at the newcomer until he retreats.

Despite grizzly females’ careful raising of her cubs, the population of grizzlies has fallen drastically. If you think the mother bear’s courage to protect her young is admirable, sign the petition to keep these bears protected!

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