Watch What Happens When This ‘Momma Moose’ Comes Across A Tire Swing

Every morning is playtime for this curious moose! John Woods lives in the Black Forest area of Colorado, and one of his neighbors just can’t seem to get enough of his backyard. For over two years and going strong, this lively moose has made John’s mountain home a favorite daily stop on her morning routine.

Complete with a tire swing, a bird feeder, and a fish fountain, John’s mountain backyard is a wilderness lover’s dream come true. It’s not surprising that a moose would feel the same way!

Photo: Rumble/Storyful

Calling her “sweet” and “very curious,” John lovingly nicknamed this jolly creature “Momma Moose.” Momma comes by to visit around the same time every morning, playing with the tire swing and taking the occasional break to enjoy a few refreshing sips from the fish fountain.

Photo: Rumble/Storyful

Whether Momma Moose is starting out her day right with a spirited workout or just trying to have a little fun to pass the time, there’s no doubt that John has quite the show to look forward to with his morning coffee.

Photo: Rumble/Storyful

It’s heartwarming to see John and Momma Moose sharing the woods and providing each other with some entertainment. If the other wildlife in the area catch wind about John’s backyard, he might just have to install a few extra tire swings, and maybe a slide, too!

It’s safe to say that Momma Moose has found her happy place, and now, thanks to John’s video, the whole world can smile with her.

Photo: Rumble/Storyful

Enjoy this rare footage of a wild animal having a little fun, and don’t forget to share Momma Moose with your fellow animal lovers!

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