Cute Manatee Makes a Smooth Move on a Female Paddleboarder

The word “sea cow” doesn’t necessarily conjure an image of someone who’s confident and suave, but that’s exactly what one manatee proved to be when he chanced on two ladies paddleboarding off the coast of Jupiter, Florida.

Celine Chasteen and a friend were enjoying their day out on the water when something she initially thought was a rock started moving and came close enough to put two flippers on her board, seemingly to say “Hi!” The entire encounter only lasted about 30 seconds, but the smooth manatee definitely left an impression. Talking to The Dodo, Chasteen revealed how she thought her caller was cute and nice and how she wishes he’d drop by again.

Encounters such as this illustrate how deserving of our care these gentle animals are. Help ensure the progress made to conserve this threatened species continues by donating to restore the sea grass fields they feed on.

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