See Iceland In A Way That Has Never Been Seen Before

A place of extreme contrast, Iceland is known as the “Land of Fire and Ice” due to the natural beauty and unique landscape found throughout the island. True to its reputation, the country has Europe’s largest glaciers as well as some of the most active volcanoes on earth. Henry Jun Wah Lee of Evosia Studios wanted to show viewers Iceland’s ever-changing natural state. He used 8K digital technology to capture the country’s many natural wonders, from the aurora borealis on a dark winter night to the bright colors of vegetation a long summer day. The result is a time-lapse film of constant movement taken over 12 months. His film is not only beautiful to watch, it reminds us that nature is always changing and nothing lasts forever.

Want to view the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, firsthand? Take some pictures and help scientists track them using specially designed software called Aurorasaurus.

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