Watch This Adorable Humpback Whale Calf Try To Get The Hang Of Being A Whale

This cute video features a humpback whale caring for her baby. Between feeding sessions, the baby whale tries to learn certain tasks, such as maintaining buoyancy.

Baby whales require 150 gallons of milk and put on 55 pounds every day. According to the American Cetacean Society, they only nurse for about a year.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of humpbacks might not even live for a year. The species could even face extinction in the near future. As the ACS reports, there are only 30,000 to 40,000 of these beautiful creatures left in the wild. However, the Whales of Guerrero Research Project is doing what it can to protect them. You can help by making a donation to their cause. Your contribution, regardless of its size, makes a huge difference.

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