This Is One Of The Most Unique And Incredible Views Of A Waterfall You Will Ever See

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Waterfalls are beautiful from any angle, but this new footage gives you a very up close and personal view of one amazing waterfall in particular. Erick Augusto recently walked on a highline above the Cachoeira da Fumaca, or “Waterfall of Smoke,” in Ponte Nova, Minas Gerais, Brazil. He shot the whole thing on a GoPro, which lets you walk along with him as he performs the stunt.

Highlining, though similar in appearance to tightrope walking, is actually quite different – and a lot more dangerous. Highliners don’t use a balancing pole, and they walk at heights above the distance where one could fall safely. Thank goodness Augusto made it across the waterfall safely!

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Augusto and his trusty GoPro showed us an incredible view of the Waterfall of Smoke. This aerial tour of Maui gives you another unique perspective of a tropical paradise.

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