Don’t See Anything Unusual? That’s Exactly What This Octopus Wants You To Think

Animals all over the world are capable of hiding or diving into shelter at the first sign of a potential predator. But for octopi, their ability to camouflage themselves is almost second to none. And the southern sand octopus has one of the best hiding abilities around by almost vanishing completely.

By jetting water into the sand of the sea floor, this octopus can create its very own pool of ‘quicksand’ and turn it into an improvised hiding spot. As a completely nocturnal creature, the sand octopus creates a mucus-lined burrow every day in which to wait until night, using a tiny chimney in order to breath.

The result of all this hard work and digging around is an impromptu home that can be utilized almost anywhere the southern sand octopus travels, all while being basically invisible to any other sea creature that might come along into the area.

Check out the video to see this amazing ability in action!

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