The Elusive Harpy Eagle Will Make You Fall In Love With It!

This video shows breathtaking close-up shots of the majestic harpy eagle. Watch as the mother returns to the nest to feed her baby. With a wingspan of six feet, reports Daily Mail, these massive raptors are the largest eagles in the Americas and feed on monkeys and sloths. It is extremely rare to see these predators in the wild. According to LiveScience, they are on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s threatened species list.

What you need to know about the harpy eagle – The harpy eagle populations are dwindling due to habitat loss, mainly through deforestation. They are most commonly seen in Brazil and they tend to inhabit tropical lowland rainforests. It is considered to be one of the largest eagles on the planet, often falling second in size to the Philippine eagle.

Now watch the beautiful harpy eagle and her chick in the video below!

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