10 Animals That Are Ready To Send Chills Up Your Spine This Halloween

Gather ’round to learn about some spooky creatures that lurk in the shadows of forests, deserts, and ocean depths, that creep in alleyways and crawl underneath houses. Some may appear to be merely cute and harmless, while others you must run away from to escape — if you can. For there are animals of truly terrifying nature in the wild, and maybe, just outside your doorstep. Are you afraid? You shouldn’t be — unless you come across these 10 animals that are ready to make your hair rise and your blood curdle.

10. Ravens

In folklore, the raven’s caw in the dead of night was believed to indicate a murder. With their black feathers and scavenging ways, ravens seemed to be the ideal companions for witches who needed messengers to carry magic and collect secrets. Admit it, if you’ve ever seen a large flock of these shrieking, cawing birds up close and personal, you may have tried to walk nonchalantly back into the house, but your heart was pounding louder than your footsteps.

Photo: Pixabay

9. Vampire Bats

Not all bats are vampire bats, but that doesn’t keep people from being afraid of them. Like many symbols of Halloween, folklore branded bats as dangerous creatures. Dracula would transform into a bat, flying around and looking for his next victim. Old wives’ tales mentioned bats getting tangled in human hair, which might cause you to duck for cover if you spot a bat in your neck of the woods. Don’t worry, vampire bats don’t do that — they’re more interested in blood.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Uwe Schmidt

8. Wolves

Poems about “full moons” and “how the wolfsbane blooms” send shivers up and down the spines of werewolf fans. Whenever Dracula skulks around, there’s always a lone wolf howling in the night. Wolves have developed quite the fearsome reputation, as it was a big, bad wolf who huffed and puffed at three little pigs, and yet another who ate Red Riding Hood’s little granny. While you may find wolves howling at the moon, they tend to avoid people instead of attack them. Werewolves, on the other hand, we cannot speak for.

Photo: Pixabay

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