Watch How Quickly A Great White Shark Can Move When It’s Hunting

Great white sharks are usually portrayed as evil creatures. However, most stereotypes are rooted in some degree of truth, and this video certainly shows the dark side of a shark’s life.

You can practically hear the spine-tingling theme from “Jaws” as this great white shark attempts to make a meal of a fake seal decoy.

A camera was hidden inside the decoy, which allows you to get perhaps a little too close for comfort.

Despite their bad reputation, sharks need our help. In some parts of the world, fishermen capture sharks, cut off their fins, and then release the poor creatures back into the water, all to create the delicacy of shark fin soup.

Removed of their fins, the sharks then die from blood loss or suffocation. Sign this petition to increase protective measures that will save threatened, vulnerable and critically endangered sharks.

Check out the video below to see these frighteningly quick moves from one of the ocean’s biggest predators.

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