Scientists Determine Why Sharks Glow in the Dark

The bottom of the ocean has long remained one of life's greatest mysteries, until now. This video gives you a “shark's eye view” of life in the dark depths of the sea and also reveals a new and exciting discovery. The swell shark and chain catshark glow in the dark, and now scientists believe that they have figured out why. Bio-luminescence works when these species take the dark blue light filter of the murky ocean and re-emit it as other colors. The thing is, those other colors are usually only visible to the sharks themselves. Researchers conclude from this that it helps the sharks communicate with each other and find mates as a result.

As you see in the video, the ocean is a wild and wonderful place that's full of unique creatures. Unfortunately, some of those creatures, like some sharks, are under threat. Sign this petition to end shark finning permanently.

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