When This Man Stopped To To Take Pictures, He Never Expected To Find This!

According to The Dodo, it all started when Ron Holan was travelling through the Norwegian countryside and stopped to snap a few photos of the scenery. He had no idea he would save a life in the process!

Discovering an incredibly adorable and almost completely frozen bird lodged between his cargo box and the roof of his car, he jumped into action. With a little tenderness, and the sweatshirt off his back, he managed to revive the sweet little creature. After a few tense moments, the man was able to warm up the cold little bird and revive its vitality. Once he thought the bird was strong enough to go back into the wild, the man let the bird go and watched it fly away back to its home — after being confused by the window first.

Check out the video of a kindhearted man saving this bird from freezing to death. Not only did he warm up the bird — he warmed up my heart.

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