Unmistakable Happiness: A Mother Elephant and Her Calf Reunite After Three Years Apart

It would be a nightmare for any child to have to spend three years away from his parents, but that is exactly what Me-Bai, an Asian elephant calf, had to endure.

At just three and a half years old, she was taken from her mother and sold to work carrying tourists. She suffered under a training regimen meant to break her spirit and make her easier to work with.

After three years of hard labor and emotional distress, she could take no more and stopped eating as a result of her depression.

Fortunately, her owner decided to release her to Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for distressed elephants. Rescuers managed to track her mother down and reunited the pair in April 2015. They now live at the park, where Me-Bai is learning to live in the wild.

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