These Are Some Of The Best Vacation Spots for the Eco-Conscious Traveler

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Do you love to travel but are concerned about leaving a large carbon footprint? Consider an eco-friendly vacation to one of these locations. These destinations are not only beautiful, many have local organizations committed to sustainable tourism.



The remote island of Palau is an excellent choice for travelers who love diving. The area includes about 460 miles of reefs and lagoons.

Norwegian Fjords


Hikers may want to consider the rugged Norwegian fjords, which has mountains, waterfalls, and small fishing towns dotting its landscape.

Costa Rica


Much of Costa Rica is considered protected land. This biodiverse country is a must for any eco-traveler.

Amazon Rainforest


You can learn about the importance of conservation directly from the locals in Ecuador.



Botswana receives less visitors than other African countries and has some unique sites, such as the Khama Rhino Sanctuary.



Travelers to the “Land of Fire and Ice” can enjoy clean energy and see natural wonders, such as the Aurora Borealis, volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls.

Sri Lanka

If you travel to Sri Lanka, you have 22 national parks to choose from during your visit.

Galapagos Islands


Travelers to the Galapagos Islands have the option to island hop and see a wealth of biodiversity.

When you’ve chosen your destination, consider picking up one of these totes or bags for your trip.

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