This Creature Flies in for a Tasty Treat

With a wingspan that can stretch up to 8 feet, eagles are among the world’s most impressive birds. Soaring on thermals up to 10,000 feet in the air, these birds remain easily identifiable with their white heads and tails gleaming in the sunlight. Their aerial displays during courtship strike awe into those of us who spend our lives earthbound, flying only with artificial help.

Bald eagles are particularly common in Alaska, but few people have gotten close enough to watch them in action. This is a good thing – we should always be bringing the binoculars, as close-up attention can disturb wildlife in ways we aren’t even aware of.

In this amazing video captured on an unobtrusive GoPro, watch as an eagle swoops in to catch scraps left over from a halibut fisherman’s fish cleaning session. Seeing our national bird close-up and in person is an experience to be treasured and shared!

Get another look at the lives of eagles by watching this adorable video of baby eaglets hatching.

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