Amazing Time-lapse Video Shows How a Dragonfly Grows Wings

Have you ever seen a creature actually grow wings right before your eyes? If not, it’s time to allow the dragonfly to amaze you.

Without the power of flight, a dragonfly larva (or nymph) lives and hunts underwater. At the end of this stage, the dragonfly climbs out of the water to hang upside down while its four wings grow and stiffen.

Dragonflies sport one of the earliest known flight mechanisms, making them one the first animals to fly.

Fun facts about the dragonfly: There are more than 5,000 species of dragonflies and they can be found in almost every continent on Earth — minus Antarctica, naturally.

They are also great at pest control! A single dragonfly can eat 30 to 100 mosquitoes a day. They are well-equipped to hunt with their enormous eyes and sticky long legs. Dragonflies are known to have the longest migration of any insect — traveling well over 11,000 miles spanning over oceans!

Watch these incredible insects grow their wings before your very eyes in the time-lapse video below!

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