These Wild Dolphins Should Considering Becoming Pro Surfers Because They Rock!

Ongoing research continues to confirm the high intelligence quotient of the average dolphin. Like humans, dolphins engage in play to strengthen social bonds and mental skills. According to Whale and Dolphin Conservation, dolphins can even organize their efforts during hunting and have the the ability to pass what they learn on to the next generation, a “rare intelligence in the animal kingdom.”

Speaking of dolphins organizing, this video shows dolphins assembling and lining up to ride a wave in waters off the coast of Western Australia. It turns out that this exciting, fun pastime isn’t exclusive to surfers, though why dolphins and humans have this pastime in common is one of many questions this video raises. According to the Dolphin Communication Project, dolphins use the crests of waves to ride quickly into shore.

Other theories about why dolphins enjoy riding waves suggest something to do with courtship or mating rituals. Wildlife photographer Dave Riggs and fellow filmmaker Jennene Riggs captured the overhead footage using a surf drone. For more compelling facts about dolphin behavior, check out this article.

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