What an Incredible Dolphin Rescue! Thank Goodness They Were There

What started out as a normal day for tour guide Naude Dreyer took a heartwarming turn when he and his client noticed a small Benguela dolphin that appeared to have been stranded on the beach at Walvis Bay, Namibia. As the client filmed the encounter, Dreyer carefully checked the dolphin before picking it up and carrying it back to the water.

Dreyer believes that the dolphin could have been playing in the shallow waters before being picked up and carried ashore by a large wave. The little dolphin’s adventure goes to show that even animals who spend their entire lives in the sea need to be careful!

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies advises that you should contact authorities immediately if you come across a stranded dolphin.

Dreyer isn’t alone in helping marine mammals. A group of cetacean experts saved a stranded orca that was left behind by the tide.

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