These Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong Need Help!

The rare pink dolphins of Hong Kong are beloved by locals and tourists alike — but these charming animals are disappearing quickly. The population as a whole is classified as “near threatened,” according to the World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong.

The pink dolphin, which is also called the Chinese white dolphin, is known for its dramatic pink skin. The unusual color is caused by blood vessels that sit close under the skin. The friendly animals are often seen playing with each other and leaping out of the water.

In the Hong Kong harbor, the pink dolphin faces a wide range of dangers. Water pollution, noise pollution. rapid development in the city, increased ship traffic, and construction on the nearby airport have led to habitat loss for the dolphins. Large ships with sharp propellers also injure and kill the dolphins.

As of 2014, there were an estimated 61 pink dolphins in the Hong Kong harbor — less than 50 percent of the population in in 2003, and that number has been getting lower each year. In response to this, scientists and conservationists in Hong Kong are working to raise awareness and increase protection for these beautiful animals.

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