These Adorable Cubs Couldn’t Wait to Get Back Home

Baby bear cubs are usually the stuff of Disney movies, but unfortunately in real life they can get into a lot more trouble. Thankfully, Appalachian Bear Rescue (ABR) is here to help. This footage gives you a glimpse into the important work they do.

Based in Tennessee, ABR is both an education and rehabilitation organization. They rehabilitate injured and orphaned black bears and cubs of the Smokies and the Southeastern United States. Recently, three yearling females were part of a larger group of fifteen black bears that were released back into the Great Smoky Mountains. Hazel, Snowflake, and Celia all came to the facility malnourished and needing medical attention. All of them got the care they needed and were released back into the wild with GPS collars so that ABR could track their progress.

An important part of baby bear care is feeding them bottles of warm milk. Check out these lucky humans that got to be a part of that adorable process!

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