This Bug’s Hunting Method Is Probably the Creepiest Thing You’ll See All Day

The assassin bug, or Acanthaspis petax, is one of the cleverest users of camouflage in nature. The bug feeds on ants by piercing their bodies and sucking out their innards, but it also wears the bodies of its victims, like a ghoulish serial killer. The aim is to fool both its prey and predator. Wearing the carcasses keeps the bug from being smelled out by other ants, making hunting easier. At the same time, jumping spiders, which are the assassin bug’s natural predators, fail to visually recognize it as their prey and give it a pass. Watch this bug infiltrate a colony of ants without raising an alarm.

Camouflage is not the only tactic that creatures in the natural world use to survive. These beaded lacewing larvae use chemical warfare to paralyze and kill their prey.

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