This Baby Gorilla Is WAY Stronger Than He Thinks And It’s Hilarious!

Strength doesn’t always come in big packages, and that became hilariously apparent for one baby gorilla who tried his hand at beating his chest.

Still a bit unsteady on his feet, the little ape tries and fails several times to stand up on two legs before finally accomplishing the feat on his third attempt. Triumphant, the young gorilla gives his chest a few good whacks, which, inadvertently, sends him tumbling backward to the amusement of everyone who sees his little gaffe.

Drawing giggles is probably all the little gorilla’s chest-thumping attempts can accomplish now, but it is something he must master to display dominance and warn off possible threats in the future. Unfortunately, there is one threat even the strongest gorillas stand no chance against: poachers who kill and capture them with guns and traps. Help to protect gorillas by donating to remove snares and deploy patrols in Africa’s forests.

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