Researchers Have Finally Cut Into The Mystery Of This Gruesome Glacier

Antartica’s phenomenal “Blood Falls” at Taylor Glacier is one of the world’s most unique natural wonders. Blood Falls goes back 5 million years ago when East Antarctica was swallowed up by the sea and forming a salty lake trapped in ice.

According to the Weather Network, microbes chew at the glacier’s bedrock, allowing salt water to enter. The salt water that enters the glacier is incredibly old and three times saltier than surface ocean water. T

he salt water also carries a large amount of minerals and sediments including iron. Iron deposits from the bedrock interact with the salt water to form rust, giving off a blood red coloration and causing the glacier to appear as if it is bleeding.

Watch the full video of the “bleeding glacier” to learn more about these unique microbes and how they survive in such a harsh environment.

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