Blacktip Sharks Working Together to Get Their Next Meal

Many animals are much smarter than we give them credit for, and the blacktip shark is a great example. While most sharks hunt alone, blacktip sharks are social creatures that work together to accomplish their goals. These sharks tend to shy away from contact with other predators, leading toward their tendency to stick together.

Found in shallow coastal waters, offshore surface waters and estuaries, blacktip sharks survive by eating a variety of small tropical fish. Typically, one shark jumps out of the water and dives back in, sending the tropical fish scattering. Multiple sharks then work together to direct the fish toward the shore, similar to people herding cattle. Once the small fish are trapped on the shore, the blacktip sharks, which must keep their gills underwater to breathe, risk death by getting out of the water to feed on the fish. Check it all out in this video.

Blacktip sharks aren’t the only fish that work together to eat. Learn how these Alaskan whales use an ingenious technique to fish for their prey.

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